Lowest Point In Life

October 31, 2009

Dead Sea Float Beach - Near Amman, Jordan - Daily Travel Photos
(Near Amman, Jordan)
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Yours truly, effortlessly floating in the Dead Sea, at -400m elevation. Undoubtedly, the lowest point of my entire life, but loving every minute of it!

The concentration of salt in the Dead Sea allows even the most overweight American (present company included) to not only float but buoy so carelessly that I was able to carry in my point and shoot camera without fear of wetting it. In the 10 minutes I leisurely bobbed around the water, I don't recall ever having a bigger smile in my life. Such is the joy the Dead Sea brings to all those that step in its waters. Unfortunately, I didn't partake in the "rubbing of mud on exposed skin" portion of Dead Sea customs. Why? Let's say, I was in a rush to shower.

No guide book ever writes this, perhaps due to its delicate nature, but the Dead Sea is so briny, contact with its water on the lips, eyes or similarly sensitive dermal areas causes intense burning pain. The water, however, did not contact my lips or eyes. Instead, it made contact down there; the other part of your body that can pucker like the lips. The pain was absolutely intense and it had me running to the resort's provided showers to dilute the salt water around my holiest of holies. Afterwards, my hotel owner informed me many people apply a generous helping of Vaseline to the area before taking a dip. That piece of advice would've been nice to know before I went swimming!

On a side note: Please pardon the air bubbles being released near my waist. I wish I can make a reasonable excuse however years have passed since I took this photo. I vaguely recall having eaten spicy lamb kebabs the night before. I'm just sayin'.

dead sea floating

1 Comment - Lowest Point In Life

1) Simopal -

floating in the dead sea was kind of a dream since junior high, when i first heard about this curious place.
the jordanian side is definitely the best side of it!

January 16, 2010