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November 2011
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Alps Around Photo: The mountain view surrounding the lovely Alps town of Chambery, France. Sun Roof Photo: A closed courtyard at a French apartment complex in Chambery. Elephant Emblem Photo: The symbol of Chambery, the Elephant Fountain in the center of downtown. Comedic Cauldron Photo: A cook ladles soup made in a comically giant cauldron in Albertville, France.
Pyramid Pizza Photo: The view of the Giza pyramids from the Pizza Hut across the street (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2003/11/28). Sky Streaks Photo: Festival lanterns of Loi Krathong streak through the sky above the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2010/11/21). Lifeless Leaves Photo: A canal alongside a park in my home away from home, Annecy, France. Color Complement Photo: A yellow building complements the fall tree leaves near the center of old town in Annecy, France.
Black Chicken Photo: A subdued Annecy Lake and the nearby mountains during the middle of autumn. Lawn Linger Photo: The large grassy area with its perfectly manicured lawn opens up to Annecy Lake in Annecy, France. Senior Citizens Photo: Retirees relax on park benches along a park near Annecy Lake. Cliffhanger Competition Photo: A spectator watches the Maverick's surfing competition at dawn in Half Moon Bay, California (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2006/02/07).
Bubble Boy Photo: A young Indonesian child is busy blowing bubbles at a local park in Bukittinggi, Sumatra (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2007/02/05). Facade Maurice Photo: The corner facade of the Eglise Saint Maurice in Annecy, France. Dog Walk Photo: A local resident walks her dog near Palais de l'Isle in Annecy, France. Solo Sailing Photo: A lone sailboat navigates Annecy Lake on a foggy morning.
Rich Retreat Photo: A side-view of the Hotel Imperial Palace, a lakeside casino, with the mountains of Annecy, France in the background. Lake Leisure Photo: A local resident takes a stroll along Annecy Lake in the autumn. Nut Nut Photo: A chestnut vendor cooks up a batch at the night market Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2006/09/29). Easy Exit Photo: A Chinese child wears a typical "open back" pant which facilitates toilet activities (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2007/06/13).
Swimming Sign Photo: A "Swimming Forbidden" sign warns visitors at the end of a pier on Annecy Lake. Ice Intro's Photo: A Geneva-Servette, "Wild Eagle" skates onto the ice during pyrotechnic-enhanced introductions. Ice Action Photo: A Geneva-Servette player receives a pass during a Swiss professional league ice hockey game. Ad Men Photo: The advertisement-covered uniforms of the Rapperswil-Jona ice hockey team in Switzerland.
Fatuous Flames Photo: The leading scorer on Geneva-Servette's ice hockey team wearing a special jersey. Between Boys Photo: A small boy prays to novice monks on the festival day of Visakha Bhucha in Thailand (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2007/05/31). Dirt Drag Photo: A mother and son return home from the market down a long dirt road in Borneo (ARCHIVED PHOTO on the weekends - originally photographed 2006/09/07). Intermission Diversion Photo: The Geneva-Servette Wild Eagle mascot shoots tshirts into the crowd during intermission at a Swiss ice hockey game.
Go-Ahead Goal Photo: The second goal of the game is scored by Geneva's Wild Eagles at a Swiss ice hockey game. Fine Time Photo: A boutique Swiss watchmaker named Dietrich displays their latest watch at the annual "The Watches Day" in Geneva.    
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