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September 19, 2009

Panorama Instructions:

Hold down the left mouse button, keyboard arrows, or touchscreen then move to navigate in any direction.

Press the + key, mousewheel up, or pinch on touchscreen to zoom in and - key, mousewheel down, pinch to zoom out.

(Seoraksan, South Korea)
f/16 ▪ 1/100s ▪ @28mm ▪ ISO100 ▪ Canon 5D ▪ Canon 17-40mm f/4
Panorama Dae Chung Bong Peak - Seoraksan, South Korea - Daily Travel Photos
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A panoramic view of the 1708m peak Dae Chung Bong (대청봉) at Seoraksan (소락산) National Park. On either side of the peak are paths that lead back down to warmth and safety but most importantly, Korean food (though around these parts, they just call it 'food'). Why so important? Because honestly, those man-sized helpings of bibim bap (비ë¹"ë°¥) and doenjang jigae (된장 찌개) aren't gonna finish themselves!

As you drag around the panorama, notice the blue "Move Here" target prominently displayed by the shelter for your clicking pleasure. Clicking on the target brings you to a different panorama taken near the shelter. Yes, it is the same panorama from two days ago. In that panorama is another target that allows you to return to this original panorama.

I'm on a panorama frenzy ever since I discovered Panosalado's open source flash project. The allowed options for panoramas seem limitless although the learning curve was initially a bit steep and quite probably insurmountable were I not familiar with programming. But best of all, the price is just right: free. I'll be bold enough to call this current period on Daily Travel Photos, a panorama-rama much like I hope, far in the future, these current times we live in will be known as the Obama-rama.

Technical details: same exposure (aperture & shutter speed) for each of the 18 images that comprise this panorama. Due to clouds and other movement within a scene, it's important to complete the panorama as quickly as possible. Photoshop used to stitch the images together and the ends auto-blended then matched together using the filter->offset command.

seoraksan peak