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May 7, 2010

A barge slowly cruises past an oil refinery on the Scheldt river. - Antwerp, Belgium - Daily Travel Photos
(Antwerp, Belgium)
f/13 ▪ 1/1250s ▪ @97mm ▪ ISO100 ▪ Canon 5D ▪ Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8
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A barge slowly cruises past an oil refinery on the Scheldt river.

I'm running on borrowed time right now as I'm trying to get out the door to finally do some weekend sightseeing around Belgium, sans-gout issues. First stop, Bruges, in the eastern portion of Belgium. As a result, I leave you with a single image today and possibly some poorly thought out words.

The photo above is part of the group of images I captured while suffering on the teen booze-cruise that I mentioned yesterday. Given a choice between a dance-floor full of sexually charged teens or outdoor wind-chill of -30°F (0°C), I opt for hypothermia and possible amputation. Even then, standing by the bow of the ship, I'm not sure why it surprised me when each group of teens that came by, recreated the Titanic scene, confident their joke was wholly unique and original. OK, the reenactment of cheezy Hollywood movies is somewhat tolerable, I suppose, but those tight jeans... those are criminally negligent and liable for prosecution once the correct people gain control of the government, enshallah.

scheldt river antwerp