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August 2010
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Tardy Trot Photo: A monk is late to the (disputed) 17th Karmapa, His Holiness Ogyen Trinley Dorje's birthday ceremony (archived photos, on the weekends). Evening Shadow Photo: Woman and shadow in an ancient alleyway near old town. Weed Wall Photo: An ivy covered house on castle hill in old Annecy. Island Palace Photo: Palais de l'isle, the old prison, situated along the main canal in Annecy.
Traditional Tops Photo: Traditional shingled rooftops of the historic center of Annecy. Savoy Chalet Photo: A mountain chalet in the French Alps near Albertville. Dzong Stroll Photo: Tibetans walk around the rebuilt Samdrubtse Dzong fortress (archived photos, on the weekends). Himachal Heights Photo: Watchtower at the old Dhankar monastery surrounded by the Himalayas and Spiti Valley below (archived photos, on the weekends).
Patterned Pont Photo: Tourists around the cobblestone Palais de L'isle bridge in the historic downtown portion of Annecy. Riverfront Gourmands Photo: Tourists dine on the waterfront as the Annecy castle towers behind. Horned Gladiator Photo: A corrida is advertised on the fence of a well-preserved Roman arena, now used often for bull-fights (yes, of the Spanish variety, popular in this region of France). Roman Remains Photo: The Arles town hall and Roman obelisk at the Place de la Republique.
Provençal Pavement Photo: One of many typically charming alleys and streets in Arles. Tidy Tarmac Photo: The Golgumbaz entry (archived photos, on the weekends). Sunrise Sepulchre Photo: Ibrahim Rauza mausoleum at dawn (archived photos, on the weekends). Rampart Roamers Photo: Tourists wander around the fortification of the old city of Aigues Mortes.
Tasty Toro Photo: A bull farm. Pond Park Photo: Tourists on horseback roam the wetland habitat of flamingos, part of the Parc Naturel Régional de Camargue. Bauxite Base Photo: Chateau des Baux lies in ruins surrounded by the picturesque fields of Provence. Provençale Pile Photo: A beautiful castle turret in a picturesque hilltop village.
Saddle Structure Photo: Tongkonan, traditional peaked roof boat houses, of the Tana Toraja people (archived photos, on the weekends). Himachal Hinduism Photo: The courtyard at Bhimakali Hindu temple, a unique blend of Buddhist and Hindu architectural styles (archived photos, on the weekends). Rocky Ruins Photo: Mountain castle ruins framed by trees in Les Baux de Provence. Bouldery Boulevard Photo: Tourists climb down a hilly stone path of Gordes, a picturesque Provencal village.
Ascending Artery Photo: A path of stone steps opens to a spectacular view to the valley below Gordes, the most beautiful village in France. Honey Hill Photo: The picturesque mountaintop village of Gordes, Provence. Twisted Timber Photo: Enchanting Gordes, perched on a large hill, is the most picturesque village in Provence. Mantra Mace Photo: Tibetan women spin mani (prayer wheel) while chanting mantras (archived photos, on the weekends).
Naughty Nethers Photo: A macaque displays his brightly colored buttocks (archived photos, on the weekends). Grand Gordes Photo: Panorama of a beautiful hilltop village among the fields of Provence. French Forecaster Photo: A young woman reads the informative plaque outside of Nostradamus' house.  
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