Thumbnails - September 2010

September 2010
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Period Performance Photo: Traditionally dressed women in period costume perform a dance at the church square. Limp Limb Photo: A metal hand grasping a ball swing on a hinge for a door knocker. Obscure Outpost Photo: A beautiful hilltop castle in Grignon. Bay Boarding Photo: A lone kiteboarder on a foggy day near the base of the Golden Gate Bridge (ARCHIVED PHOTOS - on the weekends).
Buddhist Blend Photo: Bhimakali temple, a unique Hindu temple complex constructed in a Buddhist architectural style. Incroyable Annecy Photo: The historic castle in Annecy's old town backed by the Alps. Window Vista Photo: The view from my front window onto downtown Annecy and the alps. Gated Community Photo: Sainte-Claire gate and clock tower in historic old town of Annecy.
Gallic Gait Photo: Local wait staff run through old city while balancing "drinks" on a tray. Finish Focused Photo: Female contestants scurry to the finish line at the "Waiter's Run" in Annecy. Soaring Suspender Photo: Closeup of the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge (ARCHIVED photos - on the weekends). Down Town View Photo: Downtown Bangkok cityscape seen at dusk from the State Tower's Sirocco sky bar (ARCHIVED PHOTOS - on the weekends).
Hauling Ham Photo: A speedy waitress hams it up for the camera at the monthly Waiter's Run in Annecy. Waiter's Run Wait Photo: Judges tally scores at the finish line of the Waiter's Run in Annecy, France. Stormy Recreation Photo: A paraglider braves storm clouds for a fly in the sky over Annecy Lake. Seaside Settlement Photo: St. Pancras church in a small medieval village on Lake Geneva.
Floating Fortress Photo: Yvoire's lakeside castle holds a commanding view over Lake Geneva. Technicolor Tornado Photo: Whirling dervish performance at Wikala Al Ghuri in Islamic Cairo (ARCHIVED PHOTO - on the weekends). Delicious Destiny Photo: A tray of finished fortune cookies at a fortune cookie factory in Chinatown (ARCHIVED PHOTO - on the weekends). Robot Chef Photo: A roadside automated pizza vending machine, "freshly baked in 3 minutes."
Evian's Water Photo: Source Cachat, protected collection point of world-famous Evian mineral water. Daily Dairy Photo: An automated milk vending machine housed in a rustic shed. Solo Stage Photo: "Joseffo the clown" performs to a sparse audience at Parc des Bastions. Stony Center Photo: A user-controlled panorama of a series of narrow cobblestone streets in the center of the historic old city of Geneva.
Luminescent Lady Photo: A beautiful young woman poses under a red Chinese lantern on a traditional village street (ARCHIVED PHOTO - on the weekends). Barkhor Bunch Photo: Tibetan pilgrims walk around the Barkhor in the historic Tibetan district of Lhasa (ARCHIVED PHOTO - on the weekends). Pierre's Place Photo: The main square near St. Pierre's Cathedral in Geneva's old city. Water Colors Photo: A rainbow forms at Jet de l'eau, a famous water fountain on Lake Geneva.
Purloined Plastic Photo: Downtown Geneva and St. Pierre's Cathedral in old town reflected on Lake Geneva. Legless Photo: Broken chair "art" at the Place des UN, the European headquarters of the United Nations.    
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